4 Mappable Back Buttons & 15 Assignable Buttons & 6 Profiles

4 remappable rear buttons will let you take your gaming to the limit.
Personalize your control settings with up to 15 assignable buttons for straightforward control in any game.
You can create up to 6 customizable profiles, to easily switch between different button mappings on the fly.

Say Goodbye to Stick Drift

We've come up with an idea to keep your thumbsticks at pinpoint accuracy and combat the bane of every gamer — stick drift.
With our calibration tool, you're able to manually adjust your thumbsticks' offset at any time to keep your gaming smooth, accurate, and enjoyable.

Tailor Your Thumb Control

We've got 4 types of joysticks in mind, to offer versatility for any play style.
·2 Concave Regular
·2 Concave Extended Width
·2 Domed Extended Length
·1 Domed Regular + 1 Concave Extended Length


Adjust Your Trigger-Pull

Tweak your trigger pull to suit your game by instantly toggling from adaptive, to digital, and back. Enjoy full haptic feedback for adventure games or detailed acceleration control in adaptive trigger mode or switch to digital trigger mode for 1.5mm trigger pulls that give you a massively increased rate of fire for FPS games.

Digital Triggers

Adaptive Triggers

Designed for Comfort. 

Built for Performance.

Comfortable materials help you keep a firm grasp of your controller while providing remarkable comfort, durability, and stability so you can game—and keep gaming—with no problems.

Tactile Control for 

Multiple Devices

Get phenomenal control on your desktop, laptop, or even mobile device thanks to the PHANTOM's broad compatibility.